Our dentists and team are proud to use iTero® digital scanning here at Reston Dental Care. This is a brand of intraoral scanners we use to take digital impressions of your teeth and gums. These digital impressions can be used to create dental restorations such as crowns, bridges and veneers, as well as orthodontic appliances such as Invisalign® clear aligners.

What To Expect

The process of taking an iTero digital scan typically involves the following steps:

  • Preparation: Before the scan, we may ask you to rinse your mouth with water to remove any debris or food particles. We may also place a small retractor in your mouth to keep the cheeks and lips out of the way during the scan.
  • Scanning: Our team will use an iTero scanner, which looks like a small wand, to scan the teeth and gums. The scanner uses a high-speed laser to capture thousands of images per second, which are then assembled into a 3D model of your mouth.
  • Review: Once the scan is complete, we will review the 3D model on a computer screen to ensure that all areas have been captured accurately. We may also make any necessary adjustments to the model using specialized software.
  • Treatment planning: The digital scan can be used to create a treatment plan for orthodontic treatment, restorative dentistry or implant placement. The digital model allows for precise planning and custom-fit restorations or appliances.
  • Follow-up: The digital scan can be stored in your patient file for future reference and comparison.

Benefits of iTero Digital Scanning

There are many benefits for us using iTero digital scanning; these include:

  • Reduced waste: Traditional impressions require the use of materials that can be harmful to the environment. Digital scans eliminate the need for these materials, leading to reduced waste and a more sustainable approach to dental care.
  • Custom-fit restorations and appliances: Digital scans allow for precise treatment planning and custom-fit restorations and appliances. This can lead to better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.
  • Faster turnaround times: Digital scans can be sent directly to a local dental laboratory or orthodontic provider for processing, reducing the need for physical impressions to be mailed or delivered. This can lead to faster turnaround times and less inconvenience for you as our patient.
  • Improved comfort: Traditional impressions require the use of putty-like materials that can be uncomfortable. With iTero digital scanning, a small wand is used to scan the teeth and gums, which is more comfortable and less invasive.

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